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Doggy Daycare

Activities include running, playing, swimming and various other forms of hooliganism. But our emphasis is on socialising in an appropriate manner with other dogs, cats and livestock species, and basic good manners. The Farm Girls dogs learn to “dog”! People choose Farm Girls for many reasons. Our clear love and affection for our dogs (both […]

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Dogs – Overnight Boarding

We are a niche boarding facility with a maximum  capacity of twenty boarding dogs over any period. The benefits of boarding dogs at an experienced and well-managed facility are plentiful. We exist purely to keep your pets safe and happy while you are away – it is our job and it is what we are set […]

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The Cattery at Farm Girls

Our traditional aviary-style cattery has 10 spacious cabanas (suitable for 1-3 cats). Cats not from the same family do not share with other cats (ever!) – and we cater for a maximum of 20 cats in our cattery. The cattery is completely separate from the dog area and barely within earshot, screened on one side […]

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