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We are proud agents and distributors of the following brands:

A superb quality dry dog food manufactured in the lower Rhine area of Germany.

Zero scares or recalls in 60 years... Meat is the #1 ingredient... Human-grade ingredients that are free from stimulants, hormones and antibiotics... zero colourants, flavour enhancers or preservatives... and care for the environment from sourcing through to distribution... carbon-dioxide neutral (green energy) manufacturing process!  

Formulas suited to both increased and decreased activity levels, as well as allergy sufferers, puppies and senior dogs (and let's not forget MERACAT for adult cats).

Veterinarian-endorsed and available from many vets and vet shops in South Africa and all around the world. 

Excellent pricing! Less expensive than the two most popular imported brands we see most often through the kennels, with lower feeding guidelines in terms of quantity.

In short - you'll be feeding more, for less. 

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