Canine Coach

Our behaviourist is internationally accredited, holding a Diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour from the British College of Canine Studies, along with numerous certificate courses from tutors such as Dr. Ian Dunbar and Victoria Stilwell. Not to mention almost two decades of experience working with thousands of dogs.

We can and will help. 

Tell us about your challenge. We’ll schedule an appointment to come and see you, or for you to come and see us, and start the process of straightening everything out.

We offer a balanced, reward-based methodology with the dogs – but be warned – the coaching is 9/10 for the humans and not for the dog/s! You need to be open to what are tried, tested and proven recommendations and you need to be prepared for some changes to your lifestyle.

100% commitment from the whole family is required, and we will look at your dog’s current stimulation and enrichment opportunities and recommend changes where necessary (which will affect your lifestyle to a degree).

Contact us for an estimate but as a guide, our rate for an initial consult (+/- 90 minutes) is R600.00 plus transport (2018 rate). This includes our on-site assessment as well as a customised plan for YOU to see you and your dog/s into the future.