Doggy Daycare

Activities include running, playing, swimming and various other forms of hooliganism. But our emphasis is on socialising in an appropriate manner with other dogs, cats and livestock species, and basic obedience.

People choose Farm Girls for many reasons. Our clear love and affection for our dogs (both our own and our visiting dogs) is always top of the list. But that’s not the only reason. Doggy daycare is about so much more than leaving your dogs in the care of someone else for the day. There are numerous benefits that come from the exposure dogs get at daycare. Here are a few examples:

●      Contributes to Better Behaved Pets – Dogs respond to different situations based on their overall training and socialisation (habituation). Being in a well-run, experienced daycare facility can train your dog to recognise and adapt various behaviour patterns in other dogs and even humans.
●      Improved Fitness for Your Dog – All dogs need regular physical activity. Obesity in pets is a major concern and can significantly reduce the life span of your dog. Supervised daycare play provides the physical activity dogs need, at their own pace.
●      Provides Structure – Being in our daycare can help your dog with destructive behaviors that they may exhibit at home. Just like children, dogs learn from others and will adapt well to routines and schedules. It’s easy to hype a dog up but a lot of dogs struggle to relax. A big part of daycare is down time – learning to relax with others. Our resident dogs are excellent role-models!

The earlier a dog starts daycare, the better for the dog long term. However, even older dogs love attending daycare!

Our rates are highly competitive. We are committed to giving you the best at an affordable rate. Get in touch with us and see just how easy it is for us to meet your daycare needs, without putting a hole in your pocket.

  • Our daycare transport service operates in Dainfern, Chartwell, Beverly, Kengies, Fourways Gardens, Broadacres, Craigavon, Pineslopes, Magaliessig, Jukskei Park and Douglasdale. Please contact us should you be unsure of whether we can provide transport for your area  
  • We also have an option for folks to drop off and collect their dogs themselves
  • All dogs must attend a minimum of twice a week
  • We operate on a contract basis; an ad-hoc rate is also available  
  • It is assumed that all dogs are used to socialising with other dogs in an off leash environment (see below)
  • Dogs known to be aggressive (physically drawing blood on other dogs) are not permitted at daycare
  • Shy and nervous dogs are accommodated and will be eased into the programme
  • All dogs over the age of 7 months must be sterilised – no exceptions
  • Enrolment includes a booking form, indemnity and T’s and C’s
  • We do not accept bull breeds or crosses (Pitbulls, Bull Terriers, Staffies, Cane Corso etc.) nor Boerboels
  • Daycare is payable in advance for the month
  • Additional services are available: basic grooming, swimming lessons, obedience training and more

Please click here for our current daycare pricing (this document opens via Google Docs).