Our Team

Robyn – Founder

My name is Robyn and I am the founder and managing director of Farm Girls. My wife, Retha, and I have a gorgeous animal-mad daughter, too.

My experience with dogs started as a small child – always more interested in dogs than in people, keenly observing and getting to feel what dogs mean when they exhibit certain behaviours. It’s been an ongoing quest from all those years ago and it became my full time vocation in 2011.

I hold an internationally accredited diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour from the British College of Canine Studies as well as various certificates from the Dunbar Academy, Victoria Stilwell Academy, Ethology Institute Cambridge and more and I am constantly striving to learn and improve.

I like to think that Farm Girls will be our family business, now and always!


Ethan – Client Engagement Consultant

I started at Farm Girls in April 2018. Robyn says I bring a calm and gentle energy to the farm, and that I have genuine talent in understanding dog behaviour. I’ve always had an interest in dogs, the things they do and why they do them.

My role includes liaising with customers and entertaining the dogs. When I’m not at work I’m listening to music and generally just enjoying chill time.

My girlfriend and I live on a cottage on the farm with our own dogs and cats.


Ryan – Operations Consultant

I’ve worked at Farm Girls since its inception in various roles. As of 1 November 2018 I am the full-time guy in charge of operations. My experience includes working dogs and pet dogs. I am an Honours student in Ecology.

My role includes arranging and performing the transport duties, as well as basic obedience training of the dogs, which we offer as a value add.

I moonlight as a trainer at Manderston Canine Academy in Midrand in my off time – or else I’m relaxing on the couch waiting for Robyn to phone me about something.

I live on a neighbouring farm with a friend and my god-children dogs.


Albert – Kennel Manager

My name is Albert. I’m a naturalised South African, having come from Mozambique as a young man in 1997. I spoke no english back then but now I do, and I love to talk!

I’ve worked for Robyn since before the days of Farm Girls, and before that for a friend of hers. I love animals and Robyn says I am amazing in my natural compassion, observational skills and my ability to learn new things. I enjoy caring for the dogs and I can tell you everything about every dog, and about every other animal on this farm!

In my downtime I enjoy watching TV and listening to music. I especially enjoy Michael Buble and Adele. On my off days I normally go visit my brothers who all live close by.

I live on the farm. My traditional home is near Vilanculos, with my wife and our five children. We also look after my sister’s children.


Support Staff

In various supporting roles we have Silva (Livestock Manager); Rosie (House Keeper); Nombulelo (House Keeper); Thundwe (Gardener) and occasional part-time staff.


Statistically we are probably more Farm Boys than Farm Girls, but we choose our staff based on their innate compassion with animals – it doesn’t matter who or what you are, if you’ve got the animal gift and you’re a good person, then you’re one of us.